Music for Film - Michael Elliot - Composer

Michael Elliott's elegant music style

is making him one of the hottest Film Composers of today.

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Formerly H&R Technology, has been manufacturing innovative and state of the art products since 1984. Hi resolution Video Splitter systems suitable for Classroom and Computer labs, Transducer Signal Conditioning and Data Acquistion Systems, Electronic Consoles for component testing, and other special purpose Industrial, Medical and Aerospace products.

My 2 1/2 yr Sailing adventure through the Panama Canal, building a 42 ft Schooner and sailing off into the sunset. Our new Norsea 27 and our ticket to more adventures. Original Music compositions in Midi format.

Site Builder's Network Activate the Internet Contest Winner.

This site is defunct now but I won $1000 from Microsoft!

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Cyber Systems has been a leading supplier of Load Control and Data Acquisition systems to the Aerospace industry for over 20 years.


Be sure to check out Absinth's wonderful web site, it is really a cornucopia of interesting sights, insights and poetry.

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