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Greetings. Your mission: Explore my site and enjoy. If you are here you most likely have a fast internet connection and the correct software plugins. If not, see the bottom of the page. I am hoping to keep a dynamic site going with new material as it comes out of my brain, so check back often and let me know what you think.

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04/01/01 I am honored to find out that they have given my my own section in the User's Gallery at Pixlogic, the makers of Zbrush, I am there among the Zbrush masters such as Southern, Seegmiller, Yoshii and Le Discot. More than honored! Check it out

Visit my Gallery at Pixlogic

04/01/01 Hmm April's Fool ? Auspiscious beginning for my new addition of a Guestbook. Please sign it and let me know you were here. Is anyone out there? I am curious

03/15/01 Updated my intro page - new images on art page. Basically when I do a new image and I like it better than one that is already there, I ditch the old one.

02/09/01 Added a no frames menu to the intro page so that those who don't like frames and those that have a slower connection may enjoy my site. To get out of frames now Press this No Frames

01-14-01 Been working on the Art Gallery. New format and some new compositions. Added a Random Music button to each page in case you want to hurt your ears whist you browse the Arts of Horror.

01/07/01 As you can see I have a new Menu :> Along with Zbrush I have been fiddlin with Bryce 4.0 which is a 3D Environment ? creator, check out my new Art gallery for new additions to my abominations. I especially like the one on this page and the Siren on my art page. BTW Happy New Year, 2001 wow!

01/05/01 I have started an Floydian Art Gallery and until I fix my menu system Link to it here

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12/31/00 - Fooling around with a fantastic paint program called ZBrush. See some of my learning attempts here. Zbrush Art

12/16/00 - Fiddling around with Fireworks 4, as you can see by some of the graphic changes around here. Wow, I like the candy look. Also downloaded Mixman tonight, you might have to listen to some of my real time DJ mixin electronic compositions soon. hmm how bout one now?

My first attempt so don't blame me if you press the button

if you have Beatnik play along using the menu to the left

Just for the hell of it I made another


12/01/00 - After fiddling around with different layouts and experiments decided to revamp my site anew. I even switched my web server to a Windows 2000 machine with lots of storage space to handle all my real player music files. I am sure this site will always be under construction.



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Some artwork that I have used on this site was done by Absithe. I have lost touch with her but if you happen to come by please give me a hoot.